Are you asking the right questions about seating?

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Four reasons why demand for workplace tea endures

By Matt Allaby, Business Development Manager, Furniture The average worker spends seven hours a day sitting at their desk, with one in three European workers suffering daily from ailments caused whilst working at a computer, and 60% of workers claiming their productivity and performance has been either significantly or moderately affected. As a result, 32%… Read more »

10 ways to narrow down your furniture supplier

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When it comes to furniture there are innumerable options out there. It’s understandable that when facing hundreds of potential suppliers, resellers bombarded with those choices might go on price or choose the company that is most familiar to them.

How to refresh any workplace in 5 moves

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When it comes to morale and wellbeing, the office environment is all important. For employers looking for a burst in productivity, ‘new year, new start’ should mean a workplace review and refresh.

3 types of meeting space – and what they reveal

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Whether you’re hosting new clients, interviewing potential employees or hoping to sign the next big deal, there’s one place where the people you want to impress will make decisions about your business – and that’s the meeting room.

Why bench desking is an asset to any office

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bench desking in office

As technology moves on, so does our furniture. And because you’re much more likely to see a flat screen PC, laptop or even smaller device on a desk in 2015 and less likely to see a whole range of other products, this means we just don’t need the corner desks that were once an essential… Read more »