Four reasons why pen and pencil are still king

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four reasons why pen and pencil are still king

Pens and pencils are still our writing tools of choice for many tasks. In writing terms, digital devices may be useful for long articles and recording in-depth information, but when we want to plan, make notes, visualise, and simply learn better, there is no competition to the writing instrument.

Six advantages of social commerce

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Social commerce is all around us. Each time we read the reviews next to products on an e-commerce site, or see which of our Facebook friends like a brand, that’s it right there.

Three seasonal marketing ideas

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Seasonal marketing ideas include advice on winter driving

By Emma Nourry, Head of Marketing, VOW Want to benefit more from peak sales periods? Or make core category areas even more pertinent to customers? You can help your customers discover the business products that should be on their shopping lists at key times of year by using seasonal marketing.

8 essentials to stop your website being ignored

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A social media friendly, content rich, e-commerce platform, or a brochure-style site that gives customers a taste of what you offer? Whether your web presence fits either description or falls in between, no reseller can fail to notice that the web is now critical to business.

3 ways the reseller can harness big data

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Big data is definitely more than a trend. With a reported 90% of the world’s current data created in the last two years alone, thanks to the internet, the potential for businesses to use large amounts of data to focus their decision making is immense.