6 steps to reseller success in education

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Gone are the days when stationery was the main opportunity in education for business product resellers. With a digital era that’s fully embraced by teachers, students and administrators – and resellers’ own expertise in technology, facilities supplies and furniture – there is everything to play for.

3 ways the reseller can harness big data

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Big data is definitely more than a trend. With a reported 90% of the world’s current data created in the last two years alone, thanks to the internet, the potential for businesses to use large amounts of data to focus their decision making is immense.

3 rules for introducing tablets to schools

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The tablet revolution has hit education. Highly portable devices with intuitive touch screen technology, iPads and other tablets are hugely popular as user friendly gadgets for learners of all ages. They give access to online educational resources including learning apps and they provide new ways to teach, create and share resources.

7 ideas that sell IT peripherals

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It’s no secret that IT peripherals continue to be a growth area. Most of us have probably noticed the number of people now using iPads to complement their PC at work and, instead of taking pad and pen into a meeting, using a tablet to take notes or to present to smaller groups.

6 moves to healthier margins

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Margin is regarded by many as a good measure of business viability. Defined very broadly as the difference between sales and the costs incurred in making those sales, margins need to be healthy, but not so large that they give your competitors the chance to attract your customers with the same services and products at… Read more »