Five ways to make the most of workplace breaks

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It is known that work breaks can play a big role in boosting morale and productivity. Rather than the morning coffee or cuppa causing a drain on working time, there is evidence to show that businesses can generate better results and become more profitable when their workers take regular, high quality breaks, particularly together.

Getting it write

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From encouraging budding learners to the immediacy of picking up and using a pen at work, there are multiple factors keeping the writing instruments market strong.

Four ways to start 2017 on a healthier note

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Water is essential at work during a heatwave

Colder temperatures, shorter days and a journey home in the dark see many workers go between home, car and workplace without seeing much daylight in the winter months. Being cooped up indoors makes our vitamin D levels drop at this time of year and also makes us much more susceptible to coughs and colds.

Three types of technology fraud to avoid in 2017

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tech fraud to avoid in 2017

Combating technology fraud could be one of the most important resolutions for businesses in 2017. The past 12 months have shown online crime on the rise, with research revealing that a quarter of all small businesses have suffered from problems such as credit card fraud, delivery address fraud or identity theft.

Seven lifesavers for summer days at work

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Eat lighter meals when it's hot

There’s a saying ‘it’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do’. While this may not be relevant to modern workplaces with state of the art fabric and mesh-back office chairs, the comfort of workers in hot weather is still very relevant.