Are you asking the right questions about seating?

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Four reasons why demand for workplace tea endures

By Matt Allaby, Business Development Manager, Furniture The average worker spends seven hours a day sitting at their desk, with one in three European workers suffering daily from ailments caused whilst working at a computer, and 60% of workers claiming their productivity and performance has been either significantly or moderately affected. As a result, 32%… Read more »

Three seasonal marketing ideas

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Seasonal marketing ideas include advice on winter driving

By Emma Nourry, Head of Marketing, VOW Want to benefit more from peak sales periods? Or make core category areas even more pertinent to customers? You can help your customers discover the business products that should be on their shopping lists at key times of year by using seasonal marketing.

Six safety wear basics

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By Debbie Nice, Category Director, Facilities Supplies, VOW  Making sure people are equipped and dressed to do their work safely and healthily should be common sense, but it’s also required by law.