Post-it Extreme Notes

When conditions make communication tough, Post-it Extreme Notes make leaving notes and reminders simple, so you can get the work done. Made with Dura-Hold Paper and Adhesive, these notes will hold up in hot, cold and wet conditions and stick indoors and out – to ensure your messages stand out and stay put, wherever you need them.

They stick to tough and textured surfaces like concrete, raw and painted wood, and tile. Make sure your message is seen with a note that sticks in tough conditions.

Dura-Hold Paper and adhesive that’s water resistant for indoor/outdoor use

Take communication and productivity beyond the office and into the work site with Post-it Extreme Notes that stick in all new surfaces and conditions. Post-it Extreme Notes are writable and stick to textured surfaces like raw wood, brick, cement, cinder block, tile, steel and more.

Did you know?

  • 38%* of employees (9,9M) work in industries outside the office.  
  • 50%** of them have communication problems with products that are sub-optimal.  

Today these workers are using sticky notes, masking tape and scraps of paper to communicate. 

There are simply no good products to use for communication in these locationsuntil now! 



Not recommended for use on paper. Apply to dry surface, then can get wet. 

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