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LinkedIn is by far most the important social network for VOW to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in general and thus one of the major platforms in B2B social media.

The network allows VOW to build relationships, establish thought leadership, generate leads, gain insights, conduct market research, improve reputation and build online communities.

  1. Create awareness and improve reputation

LinkedIn is an ideal platform to increase VOW’s online presence. With more than two professionals signing up on LinkedIn every second, VOW has the opportunity to network with an increasing number of interesting contacts. Using the different personal and group features in LinkedIn, VOW and VOW’s employees representing VOW can all improve their visibility and credibility, both as individuals and (thus) VOW as a brand.

  1. Thought leadership and influencer marketing

Several LinkedIn features allow us to position VOW as leaders in a particular domain. From providing high-quality content, improving employees’ personal profiles and participating in LinkedIn communities to answering questions: the network is fertile ground for thought and practice leaders, aiming to become trusted advisors. Leadership and reputation go hand in hand with influence. As the main purpose of LinkedIn is networking, it also enables VOW to identify and engage other influencers.

  1. Selling and generating leads

LinkedIn is probably the best network to generate leads. On top of traditional techniques such as mentioning interesting content, potential customers can download or drive traffic to relevant sources, LinkedIn offers very personal ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them and turning them into VOW customers. This is done by a good combination of listening, analysing, participating, sharing, networking and responding. Networking with potential clients and marketing to them indirectly through LinkedIn will increase the opportunity to drive VOW sales.

Customers and prospects are more likely to post questions and needs, 18% is Group-related posts which gives the B2B marketers an opportunity to identify new leads. Another 18% are content sharing and liking content, which gives VOW insights on what they find interesting.

By giving answers to questions on LinkedIn, VOW can demonstrate know-how. If the VOW solution/answer, in the form of a response to a question, is what potential customers are looking for, they will initiate a contact.

  1. Social CRM

LinkedIn is ideal in a social CRM context: it allows VOW to gain a better view on – prospective – customers and other contacts. This can be done using simple Social CRM applications but also by using ‘connecters’, for instance, for Outlook. Although most Social CRM solutions offer integration with LinkedIn, VOW can also set up a basic integration of the VOW contacts as LinkedIn supports Google Contacts. A benefit of a social CRM tool is that it allows VOW to see what our contacts are doing on LinkedIn in real-time, offering valuable additional information on their behaviour and preferences. When targeting a contact, LinkedIn itself allows us to see this information in its own environment.

  1. Traffic building

One of the strengths of LinkedIn that is not often mentioned is its power in link building and traffic driving. Just as other social networks do, LinkedIn has a social sharing button that enables VOW to share content in your status updates (which are visible on the homepage) and in LinkedIn Groups (communities) you are a member of. This works especially well for business-related content and can lead to viral effects. Business content often gets shared more often via LinkedIn than via Facebook.

  1. Listening and gaining insights

Last but certainly not least: LinkedIn is perfect to listen, ask questions and gain insights. Which is the case for all social media marketing!


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