If you take a closer look at many houses, apartments and small business premises, you’re more likely than ever to spot a new, state of the art CCTV camera.

With new, more affordable technology coming onto the market, increasing numbers of home and small business owners are recognising the benefits of CCTV to safeguard loved ones and property and deter unwanted activity.

CCTV technology is no longer the preserve of public places, car parks and big businesses. Securing a home or business is now as simple as the swipe of a smartphone screen.

Many of us are giving out our address details to an ever-wider range of sources, taking advantage of delivery apps and using home delivery for many day to day purchases. All of this increases the number of people visiting our homes, and raises the importance of home security.

Here are five ways that smart home security cameras can keep premises better protected:

1. Sensor technology

CCTV cameras can identify visitors through movement, and others through this and heat sensing technologies, enabling an alert to be sent to the home or business owner whenever anyone is on their premises.

2. Remote monitoring

Many smart home cameras can now link up to a range of apps. It is through these apps that owners can receive alerts about movements around their homes when they’re away, and can monitor their home when they are on the move.

3. Night vision

This ensures movement at any time of day or night, can be picked up.

4. Cloud storage

Ensuring that recorded footage is stored is key if you need evidence in the event of an unwanted incident. Many smart home cameras offer plenty of cloud storage.

5. Audio

Some cameras offer audio capability, which can be useful particularly in indoor environments where any unusual noise needs to be monitored.

Security made smarter with Swann


Available through VOW, Swann products include a wide a selection of innovative monitoring technologies, such as professional-quality super HD (5 MP) and 4K Ultra HD wired recording systems and standalone 1080P HD wire-free cameras and doorbells.

Swann has launched its new wire-free Smart Security Camera equipped with 1080p full HD video and Swann’s trademarked ‘True Detect’ heat-sensing technology. The camera offers 100% wireless operation with convenient and economical rechargeable battery power, indoor/outdoor video streaming, reliable heat-triggered push notifications and recording to local memory and secure cloud. It’s wire-free and worry-free home security.

Swann has been at the forefront of DIY CCTV solutions, consumer electronics and other security solutions for over 30 years and is proud of the work it has done to make communities safer across the globe.


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