Social commerce is all around us. Each time we read the reviews next to products on an e-commerce site, or see which of our Facebook friends like a brand, that’s it right there.

Social commerce, in a nutshell, is when social media and e-commerce come together. When we give a product we’ve bought a rating, or find out what other customers bought after buying the product we’ve just ordered, we’re using social commerce.

For resellers, there are significant advantages in having a social media presence and integrating this with their e-commerce operation.

Here are six advantages of doing so:


Whether it’s building an email list, inviting feedback, hosting a Facebook page, or running offers on Twitter, social commerce gives customers the chance to engage with you. It creates a platform for customers to be part of your community and for you to grow their loyalty if you give them incentives to return time and again.

Customer insights

By enabling customers to review and rate products, you get insights into your customers’ preferences and experiences, all of which helps you to improve your offering and your marketing.

Building trust

When customers can see others that have bought the same product, given it positive ratings and reviews, and have then gone on to buy other products, this helps those new customers trust your business.

Being ‘in it to win it’

With 55% of buyers turning to social media as part of their purchasing decision, if you don’t have a social element to your operation, you may lose out to others who are ready and waiting to catch that 55%.


Giving web users the chance to share their purchases with friends and followers on their social media pages will put your business in front of many more people, with the added advantage of the buyer’s built-in endorsement.

Visual appeal

Images are popular on social media and users use sites to plan purchases. From simply having a ‘share’ button on your site to having a dedicated social media account that shares strong visual elements of products and brands, social commerce of this nature lends voice, personality and appeal. Orders made through social network Pinterest on mobile devices were said to have shot up from 33% in 2013 to 80% in 2015.

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