Seasonal marketing ideas include advice on winter driving

By Emma Nourry, Head of Marketing, VOW

Want to benefit more from peak sales periods? Or make core category areas even more pertinent to customers?

You can help your customers discover the business products that should be on their shopping lists at key times of year by using seasonal marketing.

From a drop in temperatures to the Christmas holidays, the opportunity to boost business product sales via seasonal events should not be overlooked. And it’s ever important to remember that the needs of end users are as strong in a business-to-business environment as in a consumer one.

Whether you’re dealing with a small business or a major corporate, the needs of their employees and end users are likely to be just as affected by seasonal factors as anyone else. Helping your customers to see these needs and act on them is key.

With winter and then spring just around the corner, here are three ideas for seasonal campaigns:

1. Snow excuse for safe driving

When harsher winter weather comes along, it’s a useful time to remind businesses of employee wellbeing and the impact on productivity if workers have accidents travelling in adverse conditions.

Our safer winter driving advice shows the benefits of equipping employees with winter safety essentials such as ice scraper, anti-freeze, torch, high visibility vest and blankets.

2. Festive security

festive season marketing







Amid the festivities, businesses that shut down for the Christmas period should be reminded to play it safe if their office is going to be unattended for a few days.

When we suggested five measures to protect your business the use of shredders, laptop locks, privacy filters and prudent social media behaviour all came into play.

3. Jump into Spring

spring cleaning seasonal campaign

The end of the year is a great time to plan for a Spring Clean marketing campaign. Sales of cleaning products increase in March and April when the sunnier days start to shine a light on those dusty nooks and crannies in workplaces and homes. It’s the perfect time to promote cleaning ranges.

Our look at spring cleaning outlines the practical and organisational benefits of sprucing up the office, from sorting through files to using anti-bacterial wipes, microfibre cloths and screen cleaners to make a workplace fit for the warmer months.

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