Transformation may be a buzzword, but it describes the many workplaces that are rapidly changing to adapt to the needs of people and society.

For many businesses, gone are the days of dark, sprawling corridors with closed offices housing endlessly long meetings. Thanks to innovative corporate giants such Google, Facebook and Skype, the creation of multifunction spaces is a key driver in transforming the way businesses operate on a day-to-day basis.

Plus, as the cost of real estate soars, offices are getting smaller and businesses are looking to achieve more with less.

When it comes to modern offices, comfort and flexibility are important in ensuring a space reflects the needs of employees, as well as the corporate brand.

Starting a workplace transformation


The best place to start with transforming a workspace is to involve all people who use the space and ask them what they would like to achieve from it. Approach any project practically to outline the different stages of transformation as this will cause minimal disruption to business activities, and before undertaking any work, ensure that all risk assessments are carried out and that all relevant facilities and health and safety staff are in the loop.

If you’re looking to adapt your available space for a diverse range of uses, you might consider equipment that offers both versatility and ease of storage.

Here are just a few examples of multi-purpose environments:

  1. From training space to canteen

Flip-top tables can be used to great effect in spaces that can be used for different purposes at different times.  Folding tables are lightweight and easy to store, and seating that can be safely stacked, or folded to put away, is another practical solution.







2. Quiet spaces

Creating more private areas within open plan offices can be beneficial, perhaps for breakout or ‘scrum’ meetings, or simply to provide quiet zones for workers who need to step away from the busy environment to work in relative peace.

Offering acoustic noise reduction, high back soft seating is perfect for these shared spaces as it creates areas for employees to come together to exchange thoughts, or even come up with the next big idea.

Multifunction spaces are the answer to meeting the changing needs of the contemporary office environment. Whether it’s a tree-house style meeting room suspended in an atrium, or a simply a practical breakout zone in a busy office, multifunction spaces are here to stay.

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