Desk fans help workers keep cool

By Debbie Nice, Facilities Supplies Category Director


From office and factory workers to schoolchildren and healthcare professionals, when the heat is on, working or studying can be a challenge for anyone.

If you’re responsible for providing supplies into a workplace when temperatures are high, ensuring that those products support wellbeing and keep productivity high is all-important.

Here are five essentials for making every workplace or school happy in hot spells:

  1. Slop it on

Suncream is essential for any environment where people spend some or all of their day outdoors. With UV exposure in the first 15 years of life contributing significantly to a lifetime risk of skin cancer, and melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer, now one of the most common cancers in young adults aged 15-34, protecting people from UV rays is essential.

For use with one litre cartridges of Deb Sun Protect cream, the Stokoderm Sun Protect Pure dispenser is ideal for distributing sun protection to outdoor workers or groups of children. The dispenser can be positioned outdoors and is highly durable and hard wearing, making it ideal for everyday usage.

  1. Wipe it away

Hands and faces get hotter when temperatures soar so workers will be likely to need tissues to help them cool down and look and feel more presentable.

Papura facial tissues are 100% recycled, made from 90% sugar cane and 10% wood pulp. They contain no bleach, inks, dyes, perfumes, or other harmful chemicals, so are great for sensitive skin and cleaning faces. They’re available from VOW in packs of nine boxes, with 100 tissues per box.

  1. Feel the breeze

Busy workplaces can become stifling when it’s hotter outside so cooling fans can become lifesavers.

The six-inch diameter Q-Connect Clip Fan features a spring clip that lets people secure it on their desk top. A tiltable pivot provides a cooling stream of air at almost any angle.

For a more powerful fan in larger spaces, the Q-Connect chrome high velocity 18 inch floor-standing fan features a sturdy floor stand with an integrated carrying handle for easy mobility. Users can also tilt the fan to adjust airflow as required.

  1. Don’t forget to hydrate

When people get warmer and don’t drink enough water during a busy day, lower concentration and headaches are likely to be the result. You can help protect them from this by handing out individual water bottles or supplying re-useable cups so they remember to keep helping themselves from the water cooler.

Buxton Still mineral water is available from VOW in 500ml plastic bottles in packs of 24. Named after the town in the Peak District where it’s sourced and bottled, this 100% pure, naturally filtered mineral water has a refreshing taste and rejuvenating mineral content.

MyCafe translucent blue plastic 20cl water cups come in packs of 1,000. Essential supplies for home or office, these cups are ideal for dispensing cold drinks to visitors, customers or employees in any workplace setting.

  1. Keep food chilled

Harmful bacteria thrive in hot weather, which can lead to gastroenteritis or food poisoning, if food on site is not stored properly. Make sure there’s enough refrigeration on site to keep any food brought in by staff, such as their packed lunches, cool and clean.

Igenix’s under counter fridge with a four star ice box is compact enough to fit beneath most work counters, with the icebox effective for the freezing of smaller items.

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