Ever wondered why businesses use calendar events like Valentine’s Day to market their products and services? A loveheart-themed email or social media campaign may not seem like an obvious move if you supply business products, but perhaps it should be.

Restaurants, gift, greetings card and jewellery businesses seize the opportunity on Valentine’s Day to market to their customers not only because they sell considerable volumes, but also because it gives them an opportunity to bond with customers.

Here are four reasons why business product resellers can learn from chocolate manufacturers and restaurants in making the most of Valentine’s Day:

1. Build rapport

Building rapport with customers by making things a little more personal can be advantageous. As they say, people buy from people. Injecting warmth into your sales messages and associating your business with values of Valentine’s Day like loyalty, security and connection can help build familiarity, show a sense of humour and put even more personality into your brand.

2. Cut through

Being heard among the noise of all your competitors means putting your head above the parapet and making customers notice you. In visual terms, the vivid red of a Valentine’s heart or Cupid’s bow will help an email from your business stand out. A themed business products love letter could be unlike any other your customers receive from you for the rest of the year.

3. Sell more

Calendar events are golden opportunities to drive additional sales. A direct mail campaign around Valentine’s Day is easy and relatively cost effective to set up and can give your customers ideas on presents to buy for loved ones, gifts to boost staff morale or it can remind them to order key items. Make sure your communications include a clear call to action and include a cut off date for any Valentine’s specific promotions.

4. Socialise

Valentine’s Day is a talking point, in real life and on social media. If your business has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, there will be customers out there discussing Valentine’s Day, sharing stories or looking for ideas. By joining in, your business will be more noticed and able to benefit from this existing social media activity. Messages can integrate relevant Valentine’s Day hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to increase engagement.

Get started

At VOW we’re helping resellers to send the love with our Valentine’s themed end user marketing materials, available exclusively on myMarketing. Colourful and eye-catching designs across all categories include an array of romantically themed products such as the Rexel Joy Pretty Pink range, Nestlé Bundle Pack, Moss & Rowe Grapefruit Hand Wash and the Hot Pink Verbatim Pinstripe USB Flash Drive.

myMarketing is the perfect service to help VOW resellers promote a vast product range to their customers. It features three unique tools, including myPrint, a free of charge service that enables VOW resellers to customise a range of professionally created PDF templates with your own branding and pricing. You can simply select the template you want to use, add your pricing and choose to have it professionally printed or download it as a PDF.

myEmail enables VOW resellers to customise a range of professionally created HTML email templates with your own branding and pricing. You select your preferred template, add your pricing, upload a mailing list and send a brilliant looking email direct to your customer base. You can also take advantage of a full suite of analytical tools to measure the performance of any email campaign.

myEmail Premium is exclusive to VOW Venture customers, who can create a professional looking email campaign in minutes. You choose a template, pick a colour, select a header image and then quickly and easily add your own product selection. Again, you can also take advantage of a full suite of analytical tools to measure the performance of your email campaigns.

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