From encouraging budding learners to the immediacy of picking up and using a pen at work, there are multiple factors keeping the writing instruments market strong.

Here are five:

1. Learning power

The pen is still mighty in education for a number of reasons, but a key one is learning power. It’s been shown that when children write a letter by hand, they exhibit increased activity in areas of the brain that are also activated in adults when they read and write. Learning to use cursive, or joined handwriting is an important element of the National Curriculum from Years 1 to 6.

Things to bear in mind in this market are the robustness of instruments to withstand pressure from heavy handed learners, rapid drying ink that can prevent smudges and stains and a comfortable grip that will encourage children to write for longer.

Komfigrip Handwriting Pens have a triangular grip for correct posture, pressure resistant nibs and a superwashable ink formula to prevent stains on clothes. Best selling Bic Cristal Fun Ballpoint pens come in orange, purple, pink and lime green, with polystyrene hexagonal barrels for light and comfortable handling.

Colour is a huge lure for young and old writers and artists alike, with Bic Kids Visa and Visacolor XL Felt Tips ideal for children’s small hands. The fine tipped felt pens give budding artists more control over their work and the water based ink is washable from most clothes.

2. Convenience and recall

No amount of technology can take away the fact that it’s often easier and quicker to take notes with a pen and paper than type into a device, particularly in the fast moving environment of a business meeting.

Convenience aside, there are cognitive benefits to writing things down by hand. A study reported in the Psychological Science journal found that students who took notes by hand, rather than typed into a laptop, recalled the information better afterwards than the typists. These benefits are likely to be similar in workplace settings.

It may be that intuitively knowing we can store information better by writing it down is what subconsciously encourages many of us to pick up pen and paper in high pressure situations.

For ease of use, ergonomic, rubberised pens make it easier than ever to quickly jot ideas down without feeling the strain on your hand. Gel ink rollerballs provide smooth ink flow, with rubber finger grips adding comfort and control, while ballpoint pens can offer an affordable route to precise fine-point writing.

3. Individual expression 

The Millennial generation, the timeless appeal of a high fashion or classic pen and vast colour choices are some of the factors making writing instruments a way for people to express their individuality at work, in a conference or in a lecture theatre.

Choice is everything in the writing instrument sector, with Uniball offering users Eye Designer range in a mix of colours for people who want to express themselves in style. An Eye Needle range designed for neat writing in small spaces and Uniball Air which writes like a fountain pen without leaking are some other options available

4. Erase it

The arrival of erasable pens has proved popular in education and business markets, where users can erase any mistakes to ensure pitch perfect notes.

Pilot Frixion Ball Erasable Rollerball Pens use thermo-sensitive ink which goes clear when heat is applied, so simply rubbing mistakes with the eraser on the FriXion is tip is enough to remove errors and ensure no ink smearing.

When it comes to important documents, users need to be careful they’re using the right kind of pen, which leads to…

5. Keep it forever

Anything that needs to be kept for years needs the right pen. Cheques and archival documents, such as wills and contracts, need to be signed and dated in ink that cannot be rubbed off or washed away.

Resellers can offer non-erasable writing instruments to financial and legal customers that have documents that need to be kept safe for long periods.

Energel Security Pens offer a retractable rollerball with permanent, waterproof and light fast ink. Quick drying ink prevents smudges on hands and paper, with the option of fine and medium tips.

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