As the business supplies world knows, the catalogue is more than an ordering tool.

It’s also a readily available reference guide, product support and a training tool. Plus its presence in workspaces everywhere helps to keep resellers front of mind for end users – and ensures year round sales.

The decline of the print catalogue was predicted years ago, but reality paints a very different picture. Sales of the VOW book continue year on year, and resellers find it commercially sensible to offer a paper, as well as digital, format to their customers.

While the catalogue needs to work hand in hand with digital technologies, seasonal marketing activity and monthly mailers, particularly in fast moving categories such as technology, it should remain a staple part of every reseller’s marketing programme.

When it comes to ordering your catalogue, there are a few important things that can make all the difference.

Choose a cover suitable for your business and audience

One of the first impressions end users will get of your business is your catalogue front cover. It will be in the room with those customers long after you’ve left and it will tell them a lot, so think about what you want them to know.

You may want to commission a bespoke cover unique to your brand, or opt for a ready-made cover option, but whichever way you go, it’s worth remembering that the images and words will endure for the best part of 12 months. Choose pictures that reflect your offering, (or at least provide a reasonable summary of it) with your logo and contact details matching your brand guidelines.

Remember the spine!

Make use of the space on the spine to add your company name. If you are choosing a bespoke cover option, pick a coloured spine that will stand out when placed on a book shelf. A brightly coloured cover will be memorable and easy to spot.

Additionally, if you are planning to heavily promote a particular category over the next year, you may want to make that a star element, but bear in mind you can also commission a dedicated catalogue focused on a key category such as FS or furniture.

If you chose a bespoke cover you might want to create a theme to carry through other Marketing such as emails etc.

Put your stamp on it

It’s important to make your mark inside the catalogue. While most of the heavy lifting to create a comprehensive guide to thousands of products has been done, you should take advantage of opportunities to personalise this content to your business.

The VOW catalogue offers the option of adding resellers’ ordering details to manufacturers’ advertisements, or promoting added value services with optional bound inserts.

You can also choose to add a fully bespoke insert tailored to your company, everything from services offered to ‘meet the team’. The insert is yours to focus on as you wish. Inserts must be in multiples of two pages for print purposes, but you can choose anything up to 16 pages without affecting the spine width of the catalogue.

Ask your VOW Account Manager for further details of other publications where you can chose a bespoke cover.

The ordering deadline for the 2017 range of catalogues is Friday 26th August! Don’t forget and order via the VOW Publications Manager or Register if you haven’t already!