Eat lighter meals when it's hot

There’s a saying ‘it’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do’. While this may not be relevant to modern workplaces with state of the art fabric and mesh-back office chairs, the comfort of workers in hot weather is still very relevant.

In the summer months, people may find it a struggle to keep cool in offices. You may also find others heating up if they move around a lot, some sneezing when pollen aggravates their hayfever and others risking sun exposure if their work takes them outdoors.

What can the reseller offer to help workplaces be better prepared and more productive, rather than face an onslaught of uncomfortable employees?

Here is our guide to seven of the best solutions to make summer working more comfortable:

1. Fan yourself

Where air-conditioning isn’t available, or there are mixed views about switching it on, letting people have their own fans to operate in their work areas will help them work more comfortably. With products ranging in size and power from clip and desk fans to tower and high velocity fans, there are options to meet every need.

2. Shower down

Many workspaces, from industrial to office settings, offer showers and these are likely to see more use in hotter weather, particularly where staff members have walked or cycled to work. Ensure these are equipped with enough body wash and cleansers. These come in one to four litre dispensers and for heavier industrial workplaces, include cleaners designed to remove industrial contaminants.

3. Sun protection

Sunscreens with UVC 35, UVB 30 and UVA Star rated protection come in one litre dispensers as well as cartridges. While they have a particular role to play in protecting the skin of those working outdoors year round, there could be sense in employers making sunscreens available to employees everywhere, particularly when the heat is on and people are spending their lunch hours outside.

4. Glare be gone

Rather than closing window blinds to stop the sun from streaming in, office workers don’t have to compromise. They can enjoy the view of summer outside and view the content of screens by fitting anti-glare filters to laptops and desktop monitors. Frameless filters are easy to apply, remove and re-attach easily, reduce glare and reflections and protect screens against scratches.

5. Ditch the dust

Dust on screens should be wiped away as this can combine with light to hinder screen visibility. Screen and keyboard cleaning kits feature wipes that are easy to use and quickly remove any dust, while spraydusters can help dislodge dust and dirt from hard to reach areas in keyboards. Microfibre cloths are non-abrasive, remove greasy marks and hold in dust and grime.

6. Silence those sneezes

Keeping air and dust-borne allergens down is important year round, but can become even more so in the summer months, when allergy triggers can include pollen, dust mites and air that’s too dry or too humid.

As well as ensuring all surfaces are cleaned with effective products, giving the cleaning team a vacuum with an A rated filtration system can make a big difference, as these trap and retain up to 99.9% of dust emissions. Air purifiers that remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including dust mites, mould spores and pollen, are another good investment.

Recommending that cleaning is done outside work hours with the windows open will help to reduce the number of cleaning agents that can also aggravate allergies, in circulation.

It is recommended that humidity levels are kept between 20% and 40% as dust mites thrive at higher levels as air with less than 20% humidity can aggravate allergies. Humidity absorbers can help to combat condensation and allergens, with power tabs for rooms of up to 20m² lasting up to eight weeks.

7. Mop your brow

For those who find themselves perspiring more at work, tissues can be a lifesaver. Facial tissues, baby wipes, hand wipes and disinfectant wipes should be left out in workspaces and in washrooms for people to help themselves to.

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