A number of successful businesses have one thing in common. Rather than let change just happen they strive for continual improvement that empowers proactive change. Most of us know that if we keep on doing the same things, we’re likely to get the same results. Constantly improving and enhancing is the mantra for survival in the face of challenges and changes.

Continual improvement is nothing new. It helped post-war Japan build a worldwide reputation for its manufacturing, one that endures to this day. The principle that team members should proactively look for areas that need improving and help make changes, big or small, happen, is behind ‘Kaizen’, the continuous improvement philosophy from the Far East and now famous around the globe.

‘Being the change you want to see’ isn’t just for global brands. It is something that any business can deliver and is highly pertinent to business product resellers looking to grow.

Here are five ways how the small things can make a big difference:  


Learning can be from within the peer group that we work in or external to the environment that we’re familiar with. By staying open to ideas, innovation and creativity, our next inspiration could surprisingly come from someone in an unrelated field.


Planning and reviewing can start at any point and can apply to any area within a business. We could all think about activities that need improvements or have been functioning in much the same way for a long time, but the key is to set some realistic, achievable targets.


If a whole team is empowered to suggest changes, there are big advantages. For one, people are more likely to be invested in something they ‘own’ so will often work harder to make it a success. Team insights can help a business grow more quickly and cost effectively than would otherwise be possible.


There is no such thing as bad feedback. All feedback can be used in a constructive manner and can open ourselves up to an invaluable source of learning and we are far more likely to address blind spots in the business.


When a change has been made, keep an eye on progress, analyse the results and assess whether there is a positive difference.

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