When it comes to keeping staff motivated, productive and in the workplace over this summer of sport, a work cinema might just be the answer.

Summer isn’t just about occasionally warmer temperatures and longer evenings, but also some of the year’s most popular sporting events, with Euro 2016, Wimbledon, the Rio Olympics and the Tour de France to name just a few. And whatever their team, sport or country allegiance, many people are likely to express a wish to watch an event during work hours, leaving employers with choices on how to respond.

While split-shifts, flexi time or the taking of annual leave are options that employers can use to ensure people make up their work hours or take approved leave, there are often practical issues around multiple people being off site at the same time. It’s inevitable and understandable that significant numbers of people will be unable to take a whole day or even half day off work simultaneously.

This means most companies will find themselves dealing with employees who hope to watch at least part of an event at work. If this isn’t managed, there is a risk of lower morale, more sick leave or even the disruption of people surreptiously watching or listening to events on their smartphone or tablet.

On the flipside, catering for this by proactively giving people an hour or two away from their desk to watch at least some of a popular sporting event is likely to minimise prolonged absences, improve morale and ensure people work more productively in the hours before and after the match.

It’s also worth remembering that not everyone will support England, enjoy football or want to watch the Wimbledon Final, so whatever ‘one off’ viewing privileges are given to one group should be open to others, to ensure equality of treatment.

The work cinema

We’re not suggesting the creation of a full time entertainment suite with popcorn and banquette seating, but temporarily converting a conference or meeting room into a work cinema could create a fun, dedicated environment for major events.


Projectors are ideal for creating a larger than life cinema experience and can be used at work to ensure stunning breakout areas, optimal viewing of work presentations and a theatrical experience for watching live events.

To create the best visual experience, use a projector that offers equal colour light output to white light output. 16:9 is a good minimum ratio for the ‘home cinema’ experience, with at least 2000 lumens recommended for conference rooms, bright rooms and large screens.

Full HD portable projectors, ultra portable projectors and large meeting room projectors all offer a range of benefits to users depending on their needs. Look for WUXGA full HD resolution for content to be shown at its best.

If businesses don’t have a meeting room, you can always use a short throw projector to project on to a large wall.

Ultra HD 4K / Full HD Smart TVs

If you’re looking for a TV that will let people view internet events, BBC iPlayer or livestream events from Facebook or YouTube, a Smart TV is one answer. Another feature to look for is 4K; this delivers up to four times the clarity of regular HD, ensuring the highest quality viewing experience.

Noise cancelling headsets

For those who want to cancel out sports talk around the office, ensure no noise is transmitted to the caller at the end of the line or be able to pick up a call away from their desk, a noise-cancelling headset is the answer.

Headsets with electronic hookswitch cables or handset lifters even let the user answer calls remotely, enabling call-handling staff to be away from their desks temporarily without a drop in customer service.

Executive visitor chairs

Think about comfort for the viewers of those tense 90 minutes of football or five sets of tennis. Stackable executive visitor chairs are portable, relatively compact and can be used in and away from conference rooms.

An ultimate movie experience could be just what workplaces need for optimum productivity and better attendance this sporting summer.

Just bear in mind that if you are screening sport in the office you will need to have a TV licence.

Privacy screens are also an option for those who want to watch any sporting events discreetly without getting caught, although this is not something we recommend doing!

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