For maximising customer relationships and building long term and cross sell business, the office loo is hard to beat.

With washroom sales worth an estimated £21 per person per annum and repeat sales in paper and dispenser soap that are not to be sniffed at, the washroom also acts as a potential springboard to reseller business growth in any number of categories.

To make sure it’s your business rather than the competition that’s using the smallest room in the building as a route to success, here are a few ideas:

Let them know

If no-one knows, why would they buy it from you? Highlight ranges on your website and catalogue cover, include the products in your marketing campaigns and make sure the sales team are having the conversation with customers.

Cost in use basics

The basics that every workplace needs include loo rolls, paper hand towels and dispenser soap, where the cost in use benefit over retail items is clear. After an initial investment in a dispenser it will be more cost-effective and easier for users to repeat buy the soap and paper from a reseller than make comparatively expensive trips to the supermarket.

Use repeat sales as a springboard

Once the customer has bought the dispenser and holder, the opportunity is there for you to stay in contact for repeat sales, to build the relationship and discuss their requirements across other categories.

Raising standards

When you hear that some festival goers are paying extra for wristbands that give them access to clean, hygienic toilets with hand washing facilities, mirrors and occasional extras such as blow-dryers and hair-straighteners, it’s fair to say expectations are on the rise in the away from home (AFH) washroom sector.

This need for a better user experience is probably strongest in the commercial office sector, where new technology and sensor-operated systems can help provide a sense of better hygiene and a more comfortable experience. Keep your eyes open to premises that could be ripe for improvement and where the potential for an up-sell could be strong.

Widen the offer out

Although commercial premises are a good place to start, the washroom need exists in industrial, warehouse and distribution businesses, healthcare settings like nursing homes, doctors, dentists, vets and opticians and in education facilities, from pre-school nurseries to further education colleges.

Buy local

Beyond the next day delivery, all-in-one-deliveries, one-invoice, one-supplier-to-manage advantages that sales teams should be making apparent every time they talk to customers, any local connection can be a key selling point.

Being on the doorstep and able to respond quickly to requests can be a big benefit for both reseller and end user, so make the most of it.

The price advantage

With the arrival of the new national living wage, some cleaning contractors are raising product prices to offset the cost of higher wages. This is where resellers can help end users separate out product costs and ensure a competitive, but fair price for washroom products. It goes without saying that the sale should not be on price but on a workable one for all parties.

The quality assurance

Customers don’t always get what they’ve paid for in this sector. One way to combat this is through the right accreditations. All VOW’s JanSan products are accredited by the CHSA (Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association), unlike many competing products. CHSA accreditation means consistent supply, accurate labelling and an audited manufacturing process, so our products will live up to customer expectations.

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