Using sport as a marketing tool goes way back. Ever since Roman aristocracy bought or supported gladiators, people have aligned themselves with the prestige and excitement of sport, whether or not they’re running onto a pitch or facing an opponent.

With 2016 bringing Wimbledon, Euro 2016, the British Open, the Rio Olympics and the Tour de France, this year’s summer of sport gives resellers ample excuse to stand out, capture customer attention and sell even more across all the categories.

Here are nine reasons why mixing business with sport can make the difference:

1. Capture attention

In this fast paced digital world, consumers have messages coming at them from all directions. Whether we’re sending an email, Tweeting or placing an ad, our material has to cut though the clutter. Moving the conversation into areas that our customer base already cares about gives us a much better chance of engaging it.

2. That winning connection

By associating with a sport, event or team, we’re connecting a brand with values like teamwork, excitement, winning, effort and achievement.

3. Help them find you

Prospects who may not have heard of you but are passionate about a sport will be much more likely to see or hear your messages, creating an affiliation that could prove key to pulling them into the sales pipeline.

4. Bonding

Hosting customers at an event, watching a major event on a big screen together or just setting up an office sweepstake can help to build long term loyalty, camaraderie and more fruitful business relationships.

5. Motivation

If customers or employees are engaged in friendly competition for great prizes or stand a chance of being taken to a prestigious sporting event this increases the number of conversations, the opportunities to engage and ultimately leads to bigger sales and more productive workers.

6. Social boost

If you’re running a sports related promotion, you could give your Facebook or Twitter following a boost by targeting your marketing on those platforms to those fans, using event hashtags and by sharing any good photos connected to the activity.

7. Help get their tech right

End users may want to watch one or more of the big events this summer, at work or home, so look at the tech equipment that could help them with this. Items that could ensure viewings go without a hitch include HD TVs, projector screens, headsets, data cables and even new office chairs.

8. Half time refreshment

End users who want to make a sports event on work TV screens more of an occasion are likely to need catering, which is why canned and bottled drinks, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and party disposables from the Facilities Supplies Catalogue have their part to play.

9. Think travel

With growing numbers of mobile workers and many driving to events this summer, think about those items useful to anyone on the move. From drivers’ kits and sat navs to laptop backpacks, digital cameras and drinks, there are potential sales here across tech, trad OP and FS.

Here’s to a winning summer of sport!

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