Is stationery boring? With 73% of 18-24 year olds saying they like using pens and paper for thinking creatively and 82% of young British businesses and start-ups using these on a daily basis, even our digital generation appear to disagree.

With National Stationery Week celebrating all things writing and paper related (25 April to 1 May 2016), we’re here to help resellers discuss stationery with their end users and have uncovered more than a few fascinating facts to reveal in that next chat. Here are the top pearls of wisdom from our stationery related articles on the VOW To Guide.

1. How correction fluid led to the birth of MTV

If it wasn’t for money inherited from the inventor of correction fluid, the first incarnation of MTV would not have come to be. Our ‘7 eureka moments‘ post tells, among other things, how Mike Nesmith of 60s band The Monkees used his inheritance from his mum Bette to set up the first music video channel of its kind in America.

2. Personalisation is where it’s at

In ‘Why the notebook lives on‘ we say why bringing our personalities to work and burgeoning Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) company policies are two factors that explain the rise in people opting for premium and fashion-led paper notepads to use around the office.

3. Avoid a digital dark age

The reported risk of losing digitally archived information if software becomes obsolete is discussed in our digital dark age piece. The decision to continue storing important documents in a paper as well as digital format could be a business lifesaver in the years to come.

4. Seven vital questions

Our ‘7 questions to ask about records management‘ guide is an essential read if you want to be armed with the right line of questioning next time a customer starts talking to you about archiving.

5. In the zone

In a mess at your desk? At its worst office mess can cause slips, trips and a loss of man hours in inefficiency. A quick overview on how to create zones from your desk outwards and deal with piles of paperwork is given in ‘5 steps to an office detox‘.

6. Education loves market-leading pen brands

Contrary to what many may think, schools and colleges do know quality and cost-in-use benefits when they see them. With market leading brands such as Berol, Pritt, Staedtler, Stabilo, Classmaster and Bic all very successful here, our article on ‘6 steps to reseller success in education‘ explains how resellers can generate loyalty and repeat business in the education market, including with those all-important stationery brands.

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