Technology and its associated accessories have an essential role to play in making work go faster, our days easier to manage and life less stressful.

From managing information better to using the right mobile tech and saving the strain on our backs, the equipment that can boost our working lives and make us more productive is out there.

Here are five pieces of kit that can make a huge difference:

1.Digital voice recorders

In busy health and education environments or business settings where people are running from one place to the other, having multiple conversations and going in and out of meetings, recalling information and keeping on top of what’s been said can be a constant challenge.

Digital voice recorders are small, portable and potentially your new best friend. They can log ideas and decisions on the go, summarise conversations and record team meetings. Many have record protection features so information cannot be erased, as well as end of letter index tones for easy access to various recordings.

2. Tablets with office productivity suites

With a lack of organisation one of the biggest causes of work related stress, tablets, from the latest iPad to the Microsoft Surface Pro, are great assets for busy people on the move. As well as offering a portable option for working with a decent sized screen on the go, they can be equipped with office productivity suites to set up and organise tasks, keep calendars up to date and set alerts. Easy to transport and use anywhere, tablets offer an easy way for people to manage their work and time.

3. Wheeled laptop backpacks

When we need to carry bigger devices, it makes sense for this transportation to be as stress and damage free as possible. Wheeled laptop backpacks take away most of the physical strain of moving weightier equipment around.  Lockable zippers improve security, individual pockets make access easier and padding helps to extend the lifetime of equipment.

4. Portable hard drives

Pocket sized mobile drives enable people to work on any notebook or PC while on the move. Ideal for transferring documents and data between the office and home, plug and play drives can store up to 2TB of data and install in seconds.

5. Autofeed shredders

A huge time saver when it comes to eradicating piles of paper and improving data confidentiality, the latest hands free, walk away shredders make it easy for anyone to safely dispose of old information quickly.  With the benefits coming in the shape of better personal organisation, more physical working space and a calmer, tidier environment, all people have to do is load the drawer, push a button and walk away. Superior autofeed technologies in these latest cross cut shredders also mean that staples and paper clips are handled by the machine without the need to remove them by hand first.

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