bench desking in office

As technology moves on, so does our furniture. And because you’re much more likely to see a flat screen PC, laptop or even smaller device on a desk in 2015 and less likely to see a whole range of other products, this means we just don’t need the corner desks that were once an essential part of every office.

Sizeable corner desks that were once needed to hold a bulky PC, conceal a hard drive tower, possibly host a printer and store pens, books, folders and Rolodex are losing their place to bench desks.

These ergonomically designed, sleek pieces of office furniture have a multitude of advantages. Here are just seven:

1. Space saving

Enabling people to work side by side and facing each other, bench desks occupy far less space than corner desks. They have less legs than traditional corner desks, which also makes them easier to fit into a range of spaces.

By redesigning an office with bench desks it is possible to fit an extra 25 – 50% extra employees in the same space that fewer employees would have fitted into if using corner desks.

2. Cost saving

By fitting more people in their existing offices, businesses don’t have to invest in additional space when they grow and take on new staff. This takes away the cost, upheaval and time involved in relocating to new premises.

3. Ergonomics

Sitting at a straight desk is said to be better for spinal movements as it means we don’t need to twist as we would at a corner desk, or move out of the way to open drawers to the side.

4. Contemporary

Bench desks have a more modern, open look than many corner desks. With the option of adding colourful divider screens to personalise work areas, bench desks can refresh and liven up even the more traditional workspaces.

5. Easily hidden cables and wires

Although they have an open appearance, bench desks don’t need to mean a mass of cables or wires on show. It’s easy to install central power towers that route cables from the floor and high capacity cable trays to hide any wires.

Cable management is usually an optional extra, ensuring that power and data cables are contained, helping to achieve a clean look and from a hygiene perspective, making it much easier to vacuum under desks.

6. Collaboration

Bench desks can be partitioned for a degree of privacy or can be left totally open to create an atmosphere of open communication and visibility. By seating people together in teams in a bench desking arrangement, it’s much easier for everyone to discuss work, collaborate and keep each other in the loop face to face, rather than rely on email or lengthy meetings.

7. Flexibility

With their simpler, pared down style and moveable drawers underneath, bench desks are designed so that devices can be moved on and off in a few seconds. This makes hot desking or seating rearrangements comparatively simple and hassle free.

With less equipment to move and the likelihood that desktop clutter will be minimal, if at all, it’s easy for any employee to simply plug in their laptop at any bench desk and start work.

Charging units can be added to port holes and with desk top plug and USB chargers often an integral part of bench desks, hot desk users have everything they need at hand.
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