Calling all business product resellers. Did you know that around a third of your potential sales in facilities supplies could be in cleaning products?

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that cleaning is huge. In fact, the evidence shows that there are a potential £2 billion annual sales in this sector in the UK, ranging from paper products and chemical cleaning products to vacuums, skincare and hardware.

In the second part of our series on stellar FS sales, here are some pointers for driving up cleaning sales every time you visit a customer:

1. Cleaning cupboards


Ask if you can take a look inside your customers’ cleaning cupboards. This will probably tell you far more, quickly, than you’d find out by asking your customers to recall their cleaning product needs off the top of their heads.

2. Spot the daytime cleaning


If customers have daytime cleaners in or you see a cleaning trolley on site, take a peek. This will give you a lot of information on what they’re using and what might be missing.

3. Make friends with the cleaners


How about trying to arrange a meeting when the cleaners are due on site, either first thing in the morning or close of the day? Talking to the cleaners about what they use, what tasks they have to tackle and any challenges could be extremely informative. Remember also that they may hold a lot of power when it comes to cleaning related buying decisions.

4. Check out the recycling and shredding options


Take a walk around the office and look at what recycling and shredding options are in use.

5. Computer cleaning


Don’t forget the benefits of computer cleaning, particularly in a call centre or a hot desking environment where hygiene and preventing cross contamination could be particularly good topics to introduce.

6. Check out the floor


Look at the floor surfaces and find out if these are vinyl, laminate, stone, polished or carpet, as this will give you more ideas for additional product needs.

7. Audit the first aid


It’s perfectly reasonable to suggest a look at every customer’s first aid cabinet or room. Check that they have everything they need and think about what might be missing. It’s also important to look for out of date sterile products.

8. Get a referral from OP to FS


If your relationship with your customer is through traditional office products, ask the OP buyer for an introduction to the colleague in charge of FS buying. At the end of the day remember you can offer several significant benefits, including one invoice, one delivery and one account.

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