It is well known that sensitive, confidential and valuable data stored on data storage drives can be easily lost or stolen unless protected. Furthermore, having a robust plan to adequately cope with any data loss situation is essential for any business. Whether looking to effectively secure customer/employee data or business records, an encrypted device is just the answer.

Encrypted devices are far more readily available than ever before, and at increasingly affordable prices. With features such as hack resistant passwords that erase data after several failed password attempts, 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption and FIPS certification (Federal Information Processing Standards), encrypted devices offer varying levels of protection for your data should your device get lost or stolen.

Particularly, having storage devices that are FIPS certified proves that the device has been tested by an independent government-approved laboratory, with the highest level of encryption being FIPS 140-2. It also ensures the drive provides the military level of security demanded by many government departments and corporations.

For complete security, encrypted data storage devices must be capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Devices with tamper proof physical barriers such as ‘titanium coating’ ensure that data is kept secure from harsh conditions. Unlike many standard USBs or hard drives, encrypted devices can also offer shock proof, water proof, temperature proof, impact proof and even X-ray proof features. These features ensure that data is kept safe, in the event of an accidental water spillage or if devices are going through airport security.

Many businesses use encrypted devices such as data tapes or external hard drives to back up data. These devices are especially reliable and have high capacity storage meaning they can provide long storage lives as well as ultra fast data transfer speed. Therefore, less time is spent transferring large amounts of data. Additionally, these devices offer the ability to restore the last data back up and recover data to a certain point in time.

Did you know?

It is a business requirement to keep copies of financial data and business records for at least seven years so it is imperative that data is kept safe, secure and accessible. By European local law (EU Directive 95/46/EC) companies are obliged to protect personal data. Consequences of a data loss incident are significant as it can result in legal action for an organisation or even an individual.

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