Having to work while on the go is becoming more common, with an increasing number of people wanting to access files and emails while travelling to work and in between meetings. The range of mobile office products has never been more expansive and can offer vital solutions for the mobile worker.


It’s well known that tablets are an ideal accompaniment for working on the go. But in addition to being more portable than laptops, they can also be faster with a longer battery life. Furthermore, with a tablet, you are able to turn it on, connect to the internet and start working faster than on any laptop. They are also comparatively smaller, thinner and easier to carry than a laptop, which makes them ideal for passing around and enables materials to be shared digitally.


When working with larger groups of people, compact projectors make it easy to share presentations, photos and videos. There are many compact projectors available that can be used simply by inserting an SD card or a USB drive, meaning bulky laptops do not need to be carried. Although these are small in size, they still project large images and eliminate the need to carry a large projector. Battery powered options are also available, some of which can provide up to two hours of usage and would eliminate the need to carry power cables.


Mobile scanners are ideal for business users on the go, and are perfect for scanning business cards as well as signed documentation. They are efficient and time saving devices as users can manage documents quickly and easily while on the move. Being lightweight, mobile scanners these days are highly portable. With functions such as “scan to mobile or tablet”, they allow documents to be uploaded and sent on immediately.


For the mobile worker, there’s nothing more frustrating than being at the mercy of a depleting battery. Portable power packs enable users to charge phones and tablets while on the move and where a mains power socket is not available. These handy devices are small in size and can provide many hours of additional charge for mobile phones and tablets.


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