Are you looking in the right places?

Facilities supplies is an operational area that’s more easy than some to quickly help customers in, if you know where to look.

In the first of our series on making stellar sales in FS, we’re recommending that resellers take a longer look at customers’ washrooms next time they visit.

Here are 7 things to look for in a washroom that will help you recommend the right products and maximise the basket:

1. Look at the soap



Has the customer got dispensers, pump soap, economy or premium brands? Dispensers offer a better cost in use solution and are the preferred option for busy washrooms.

2. Look out for toilet rolls on the back of cisterns…



… or spare handtowels sitting on dispensers. Has the customer got the right solution and are the cleaners ordering the correct product to fit the dispenser? Consider offering free dispensers to tidy up a washroom and gain repeat sales.

3. Is the washroom messy?



Are there toilet roll cores or handtowels on the floor? Make sure that the customer has an nice big open top bin in the washroom

 4. Is there limescale build up?


Look for limescale on the floor, near urinals or the hot air dryers. Make sure that the customer is using a proper washroom cleaner that will remove this.

5. How does the area smell?



Is air freshener in use? A wall mounted air freshener system can help deodorise a busy washroom.

 6. Are there any signs of chemicals?


If so, this might be a health and safety issue. A lockable cupboard should be available for cleaners to use to store products safely.

7. What brand of paper and soap are in use?

Professional cleaning brands ensure that there is a quality product supplied that will guarantee germ kill while providing the customer with a premium personal hygiene experience.