Resellers successfully making facilities supplies integral to their offering are on top of a few important pieces of knowledge.

Focussing on these issues is key because the opportunity is so huge. Organisations of all shapes and sizes need catering, cleaning, health and safety products, with the facilities supplies (FS) sector worth an estimated £6 billion in the UK. This makes effective targeting key for every reseller.

Here are 4 common sense planning principles that every reseller needs to ensure that their FS offering is firing on all cylinders:

1. Cost it out 



To focus your efforts and maximise the opportunity, it’s worth understanding the scale of the opportunity with each customer. This can be worked out by establishing headcount.

You’re probably looking at a significant value of sales per person per year, on top of any OP sales. In washroom and cleaning terms the cost per employee is estimated at £21 and the potential hot drinks opportunity is around £48 per person. Therefore it’s likely there is an additional business opportunity of about £69 per employee – that’s £1,380 for a 20 employee business.

2. Track down your buyers



Making sure that the right approaches are being made to the right people is crucial. You may start with the office buyer or facilities manager, but the end user contacts that could ensure a contract goes much further than that are to be found elsewhere too.

Other people to track down and talk to include the receptionist, procurement manager, warehouse manager, janitor or caretaker, site manager, production, health and safety, post room, catering manager, cleaning contractor and HR.

3. Consider all sectors


Think beyond your usual customer base to sectors that you may not typically have addressed before. FS is relevant to a whole host of industry areas including industrial, warehouse and distribution, retail, healthcare, nursing homes, doctors, dentists, vets, opticians, education, nurseries, colleges, hotels, restaurants, catering and leisure.

4. Know your arguments


The case for FS is diverse. It’s not just about doing the basics but ensuring a business is properly and legally run, its staff healthy and morale high.

Think of the environment. Businesses usually want to project the right image and look as welcoming and attractive as possible, as well as keep their staff happy.  In health and safety terms organisations need to avoid infection, contamination and accidents and from a legislation point of view, they have to meet relevant regulations and minimise their risk of penalties or closure by inspection bodies.