With holidays a good time to assess our lives, it’s not unusual to make big decisions when we’re away from work.

Whether it’s looking for a new job or deciding to change direction altogether, resignations can follow after a return to work in the summer and autumn months.

While it pays to make the workplace as welcoming as possible all year round, one or two improvements between July and September can make a difference to staff retention. The environment that we work in makes a significant difference to our sense of wellbeing, so if employers want to put a stop to those post-summer holiday blues, here are three easy changes that can create the feel-good factor:

1. Make people comfortable

Bad posture and a poor working environment can lead to a host of musculoskeletal problems and lost working days. Products like lumbar cushions, foot lifts, keyboard wrist rockers, monitor lifts and laptop lifts will make people feel more comfortable and productive.

2. Refresh the environment

Indoor plants are connected with a reduction in sick leave and an increase in productivity, so introducing more healthy greenery to the workplace could be a good move. Another area often overlooked but easy to address is signage and literature holders. Replacing tired and worn out display units can freshen up the work environment without having to call the decorators or builders in. Pocket wall racks, clip frames, business card desk holder and bevelled floor sign holders are all worth investigating.

3. Instigate a summer clean

Workplaces are more likely to be dusty and dirty in the summer months, thanks to open windows and unoccupied desks. A few moves with multi-purpose cleaner, antibacterial surface spray, glass and window cleaner, air freshener and carpet spot and stain remover can make a world of difference.

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