A social media friendly, content rich, e-commerce platform, or a brochure-style site that gives customers a taste of what you offer?

Whether your web presence fits either description or falls in between, no reseller can fail to notice that the web is now critical to business.

The way that consumers buy has changed forever. We’ve moved from businesses controlling what they sell and when they sell it, to customers able to research, compare prices and buy at the click of a mouse.

Like it or not, the reseller website is the first port of call for many customers looking for office products, facilities supplies or office furniture.

Making every visit easy, enjoyable and informative is critical to stopping these customers walking away.

Here are 8 things that you can do to make your website perform:

1. Increase your customer appeal

It’s important that your website attracts your end-user base, so try to reflect those personalities or customer groups in terms of design, colours, images and content.

2. Be responsive

Since April 2015 Google started to penalise websites that are not responsive – in other words ‘mobile-friendly’ – and prioritise those that are. This has become known as ‘mobile-geddon’. With mobile device sales rising 133% year on year in August 2013 to £1.6 billion and adoption rising all the time, ensuring your website can be easily viewed on a tablet or smartphone is essential.

3. Make contact details easy to spot

Many visitors are looking for a phone number or email address so this should be prominent on every page of your website.

4. Refresh your content regularly

Ensure content is relevant, engaging and refreshed regularly. Regular, useful and informative articles that resonate with customers will help to drive site visits and the ‘stickiness’ of your site.

5. Use keywords wisely

Use relevant keywords but always ensure your content is enjoyable to read and not ‘stuffed’ with these. Quality rather than quantity is the way to go.

6. Be shopper friendly

If you are taking the e-commerce route, providing detailed product descriptions, high resolution images and helping customers find, compare and select products in just a few clicks is paramount. Customers shouldn’t need to give the same details more than once and checking out should be simple and pain free.

7. Use video

Video is search engine friendly and done well, gives an insight into your business and its people.

8. Remember to measure

Your on-site or Google analytics will give you insights into which pages are most popular, where people are visiting from and other valuable data. Knowing what is working and what isn’t will help you shape your site and its content in the future to make it even more effective.