Despite black and white and ‘old’ often going hand in hand, monochrome printing continues to be very much a workplace asset.

As well as small and home based businesses that need to keep costs down, large organisations with finance and HR teams with mainly text based print needs will often use mono above colour.

In terms of the public sector, mono printers are often seen in healthcare settings wherever prescriptions need to be printed, with education and government bodies tending to use a combination of mono and colour.

Here are 8 reasons why mono printing is the right option in these and many other environments:

1. Mono printers often produce higher quality text documents. This is down to their use of black cartridges containing pigment ink for crisp text printing.

2. They can be faster and more efficient, often because they are not as packed with the features that their more colourful counterparts boast, enabling them to do their core job as quickly as possible.

3. By producing high volumes of prints in very short time periods, mono printers are usually much more cost effective, offering a much reduced cost per page price.

4. As they tend to have less mechanical parts, the chance of breakdown is reduced.

5. Fewer breakdowns mean they cost less to own over their lifetime, in other words they have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

6. Mono printers tend to have smaller footprints and so take up less space than their colour counterparts, which can be invaluable on a GP’s desk or in a busy reception area.

7. They can be incorporated into an MPS (managed print services) programme, enabling them to operate efficiently within the broader mix of devices within an organisation.

8. Margin is there for resellers who promote the use of high yield, ideally twin pack, black cartridges. End users need to be reminded that using OEM consumables is as important in a mono context as it is in a colour one, as this eliminates the room for error, reduces the risk of damage to the printer and saves everyone’s time and budget over the longer term.

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