When it comes to furniture and interior design, the workplace revolution created by new technology, flexible working, BYOD and Generation Y is seeing out the old and welcoming in the new.

Here are 6 changes in the world of office furniture worth knowing about:

Bench desking


bench desking in office


Bench systems are replacing the larger radial workstations and wave desks, which were popular when PC users needed a space to accommodate a CRT monitor. These bench systems are much more suited to flat screen monitors, tablets and laptops.



armoire logotypee 1


As people and businesses seek increased personalisation and designs to fit their brand, a new style of office furniture is putting end users in the driving seat. The easyOffice® ‘design your own cupboard’ service enables customers to design the exterior of their customised cupboards online in a few minutes.






With Generation Y joining the workforce and BYOD (bring your own device) encouraging people to make individual choices and see work in a far more personal way, furniture is becoming more colourful, coordinated and streamlined. White finishes are also in demand as people move away from the traditional safe colours of the office.






Breakout areas and touchdown spaces are finding their way into many offices. Most of us now want informal spaces to work, chat and meet, so demand for pods with couches and comfortable seating is on the up. These modular office furniture systems provide a mix of flexibility and privacy in an open work environment, providing individual desk options or meeting spaces for up to ten people





Multi functional devices with touch screens are integral to many pods. These enable people to beam images and presentations from their wireless devices for sharing with colleagues.






Increased awareness of the health risks caused by sitting for long periods means that more businesses are holding stand up meetings and creating environments where people can stand as well as sit to work.