It’s no secret that IT peripherals continue to be a growth area. Most of us have probably noticed the number of people now using iPads to complement their PC at work and, instead of taking pad and pen into a meeting, using a tablet to take notes or to present to smaller groups.

Peripherals such as tablet cases, extended warranties, extra batteries and keyboards become much easier to sell on the back of this trend, giving resellers a valuable additional revenue stream.

Here are 7 tips for driving sales around this trend:

1. Style

This is important. People using products at home and work will often think aesthetically and go for the better looking option.

2. Link sell

Remember to link sell products. Placing tablet cases next to tablets is one example.

3. Merchandise

Product needs to be strongly merchandised if you want customers to understand the value of your product against cheaper options. High quality visuals and listings of product features are essential.

4. Justify

List warranties and the quality aspects of products so customers understand why they may be paying extra

5. It’s not always price

Price is not always the key decision maker. It is just part of the decision making mix. Aesthetics, functionality, warranty and perceived quality all play a part.

6. Functionality

For business use, price, functionality and durability will be key.

7. Home use

For the home user, considerations such as response time are important if they play a lot of games.