Interacting with customers on the platforms of their choice is the crux of multi channel marketing.
In-store, website, catalogue, email, text or social media, savvy businesses know that using the right mix of on and offline channels well can deliver a lot of benefits. Here are just 6:

Customer friendly

If you interact with customers in the environments that they’re already in, you’re making it easier for them to do business with you.


The more platforms you are operating on effectively, the more customers you are likely to reach

Message exposure

By having a presence on several channels you build greater brand awareness which prompts customers to purchase. Facebook research has shown that customers exposed to a retailer’s message on both email and Facebook were more likely to make a purchase than those who saw the message only once.


Social media channels are particularly useful for providing feedback from customers and giving you valuable insights into what they want and where you can improve.


By understanding your customers’ mindsets, the better you will become at providing the products and services that work.


You can talk to customers on a one to one basis on social media; respond quickly to their queries and complaints and deliver the level of personalisation that end users seek in our digital age.
So, a few reasons why multi-channel marketing should be more than a buzz word for your business.