Did you know sales of Fairtrade products in the UK rose by 14% in 2013 to £1.78bn?

With this kind of growth potential and Fairtrade Fortnight starting today, 23 February 2015, here’s a bit more about the system and what it means, both to consumer and producer.

  1. Fairtrade is a registered certification label used on products sourced from producers in developing countries.
  2. It was introduced to ensure better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
  3. 2014 saw Fairtrade celebrate 20 years since it first appeared on British shelves.
  4. Fairtrade currently involves 1.3 million people, largely farmers and workers, across more than 70 developing countries.
  5. According to research by the Fairtrade Foundation, 89% of the UK public trust the Fairtrade mark.
  6. There are nearly 1,100 Fairtrade schools in the UK, giving primary and secondary school children the chance to learn about global issues, where food comes from and to purchase and use Fairtrade products.
  7. Around 25% of all roast and ground retail coffee in the UK is currently Fairtrade certified
  8. Much of the UK’s Fairtrade chocolate comes from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of Ghanaian cocoa farmers nearly 50,000 strong. This cocoa is grown on small family farms about the size of six football pitches.